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Binary Systems and Solutions

is proud to present

Cutting Edge Technology

We make use of the most progressive open source techniques found on the internet. Google developer tools, jQuery, php, javascripting, unix bashing.

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Military Grade Security

Our site is protected using banking grade ssl https encryption with a $1 000 000 liability protection. Back end communication is done over secure vpn with military grade ssh encryption. We are vigilant and pay particular attention to the way users access our system by controlling encryption, password strengths and login procedures. We make use of active firewall protection to prevent unauthorized access.

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Partner with the best

We only partner with the best. We find service providers that offer the best product at the best price. This allows us to pass those savings on directly to our clients. Their philosophy and willingness to help those who need it, is core to building a successful and sustainable economy.

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Robust Databasing

A multi layered approach was taken to designing the back end infrastructure, to offer a robust database that also has the ability to expand endlessly. We make use of Firebird, a relational database offering ANSI SQL standard features. Some of the databases we make use of includes a membership database, payment database, claims database, transaction log, asset register, document register and various other logs and registers keeping track of every movement on the system.

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Performance monitoring

Various graphs, star ratings and transaction logs exits for both users and clients, monitoring their performance, payments and actions on the system.

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Training and how2 videos

Gone are the days of training manuals. All training is done through videos that are indexed and displayed on the relevant pages. Uses have the ability to perform their tasks step-by-step by simply watching these videos. Users can get help where they need it and when they need it. These videos are constantly being updated as the application grows and expands.

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User assisted development (U-AD)

You can further enhance your mobile office by commissioning customised applications and specialised functions to suite your specific business needs. eg Specialised reports, wizard screens, back end API integration with 3rd party systems, welcome letters, policy certificates, application forms, membership cards, unpaid letters and much, much more.

DMC Firewall is a Joomla Security extension!